Who’s (what’s) really important?

We all think we know ‘who’ is important in our life.  We even think we know ‘what’ is important.  But do we really???

I’m one to read many self-development books.  I’ve read so many different ways to determine what’s important in one’s life.  One way is to look at your calendar and see what shows up most often.  Is work consuming your calendar days?  If so, that is what’s most important to you.  Or is family on your calendar most?  Hmmmmm…..take a look real quick, what’s filling up your calendar?  Now ask yourself, is that really what you feel is most important is your life?

Let me tell you a 100% guaranteed way to determine who (what) is a priority in life.  But I’ll have to tell you what happened to me first that helped me figure this out.

Just recently, my phone completely died.  It wouldn’t turn on, it wouldn’t charge…nothing.  I wasn’t home at the time this took place, I was actually 30 minutes away from home.  First thing I did was rush to the nearest t-mobile store to see what they can do to get my phone working again.  The customer service rep said my “phone was fried”.  I was literally shit out of luck.  Had to get myself a new phone and everything on the old phone was lost!  Let me tell you….that 30 minute ride home was the longest, worst, most worrisome 30 minutes I’ve had in a long time.  {My Peace & Calming essential oil was my best friend at this point.}  This may sound ridiculous to some that we rely on an electronic device that much.  But it wasn’t the phone I was most concerned about.  It was actually the WHO I was most concerned with.  The ‘WHO’ THAT IS MOST IMPORTANT!  My daughters were the first thing on my mind.  Were they trying to reach me? What if something happened to them and no one could contact me?  Thinking of all those emergency contact sheets I filled out with my cell number, OMG!  I’m sure all the Moms out there reading this get what I’m saying!   After thinking these insane thoughts, I thought about my husband then my parents and all the ‘what ifs’.   I went “petal to the metal” and got my ass home in under 20 min (thank you  I355 troopers for not being out that day, lol).   The second I got home, I contacted my 5 most important people and informed them of this self-perceived nightmare.   Then I proceeded to contact friends, business associates, etc.

Do you want to figure out what or who is most important to you?   Destroy your phone (which I am not recommending at all, LOL) or literally turn it off for a day and see what you feel.  Who you think about. What comes to mind.  It’s crazy that our lives revolve around this little device but our most important treasures are connected to them.  Live Grateful.  Live Positive.  And cherish those close to you.

Epilogue: I received my replacement phone 36 hours later.  By this time, I really loved being disconnected from the world.  I’d recommend to everyone to turn off your phone every now and then and live life thru your eyes and not thru a screen.

I am convinced this incident was God’s way of making me see my life in a new light.  When I received my replacement phone, I tried my old phone one more time, just for the hell of it.  It turned on like nothing ever happened.  Nothing was lost.  Yep….this was God’s doing.  And I’m grateful for it.  Layout 1



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