To trust or not to trust….

trust |trəst|
noun:  firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something: relations have to be built on trust

verb [ with obj. ]
1 believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of: I should never have trusted her

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Relationships have to be built on trust.   But how do you trust someone without knowing if you can or not?  Over the past few months, I’ve encountered many situations where trust was front and center.   Unfortunately, most of these occurrences I learned, the hard way, that I should not have trusted so easily.

As I was deciding if I should tackle this touchy subject as my blog topic, I had such mixed emotions;  until yesterday, when I was in church and the topic was brought up.  At that point I knew that was my sign from God to open up and let others hear my thoughts.  Maybe someone who reads this, needs to hear it.

As I said above, I have dealt with too many situations lately where my trust was completely shattered.  A few weeks ago, I was laying in bed, not being able to sleep because my mind was running on overtime thinking about how/why did I trust these people and why did they do what they did.  My emotions were raw.  My tempter was hot.  My Italian nature just wanted revenge.  My heart was broken.  Putting it bluntly….I WAS PISSED.

The night went on and all I kept saying to myself was “I’m never trusting anyone ever again.”  Why should I make myself vulnerable to being used, hurt or betrayed again?  Never will I trust again!!!!  But out of nowhere…. I thought about how life would be if I never trusted.   I would close myself off to so much.  How I would always be on guard.  And any possibility of having an authentic, real and amazing relationship would never be available to me because I wouldn’t let it.  What kind of life would that be?  It would suck!  It would suck more than the hurt of feeling the broken trust.   I’m not saying be naive; I’m saying trust until given a reason not to. And use your intuition to know when that is.  Our intuition is our guardian angel and it’s always right. Yep, I should have listened to mine sooner than later!

Now that I know I’ll continue to trust, I know there will be many more times that that trust will be broken but I’m ok with it.  Because I also give myself so many more possibilities of having real, trustworthy, life-long relationships.  Those types of relationships where I can trust that individual through thick and thin and they will have a place in my life and in my heart that can’t be shaken.  And thank God for those people who I do have in my life now that have always had my back.  Who have picked me up after I have fallen and who have cheered me on during the good times. Those who have supported me even when they were dealing with shit of their own.  I have some amazing friends and I will continue to trust in order to make more amazing relationships.  And to those who brought me to write this blog about broken trust…. I will  “Live Grateful,  Live Positive, and let Karma do the rest!”   XO



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