As I’m sitting here waiting for my doctors appointment, I look around and notice I’m the youngest patient by like 30 years! And I’m the only “single” patient here; they are all in pairs…. man and wife; two ladies, one was probably the driver; mother and daughter. So many are moving very slow or need assistance with a walker or cane.  Funny story – a nurse just asked a man “how are you?”  And his response was a simple “old.” Lol !  Then another nurse just said to a lady “Take your time” with her response being “I have more time than money.”  Don’t we all wish we felt that way? I know I’d rather have more time than money these days.

I then start to think to myself how fast this past year has gone by. And I’m another year older. Yikes!  If I’m feeling this way about 1 year,  how fast is it going to feel/be when I’m one of these older patients? One day I’m going to be here and have one of my girlfriends by my side, driving me to and from my appointment and probably going out for breakfast before or after.  And all the while, complaining about something that we have been since this day in time. Lol!  Some people may think this thought is sad and many may get depressed thinking that they too will be this fragile some day. But my thoughts right now are very different.  I’m feel very appreciative and humble – knowing that life is good and there’s so much to be thankful for, at this age and any age. These older people have experienced so much in their lifetime. The good, the bad and the ugly. But think about how much more they have to appreciate. They’ve seen their children grow and have children of their own. They’ve had a career that they are reaping the benefits of now in their retirement. They also can help so many other people with their life experiences. I’m sure I can go on and on and I’m sure you can come up with many yourself. Bringing myself to think as if I was their age, literally makes me look forward to growing older and experiencing life’s many joys.

Let’s take this day and each day following to really appreciate everything about it. Even the challenges. Life isn’t really “short” but it may feel that way because of how it flashes by year after year. We have the power to slow that feeling down by appreciating it and, as the saying goes, “stop and smell the roses.”

I’d like to take this time to stop and appreciate YOU!  All my friends and family who have been there throughout my journey.  I love you and thank you!  I look forward to many, many more years of making great memories while appreciating the time we have!   XORose-Flowers-Gardens-1800x2880


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