Stay True to Yourself

Just recently a couple of people tried to dull my shine.  They tried to extinguish my fire.  Tried to make me afraid of just being who I am.  They tried, and almost succeeded, in taking away my outgoing personality.  They failed!  However they did cause me to second guess myself, to question my actions and whether or not my actions were appropriate.

After this incident took place, I experienced a day of feeling hurt, sadness, and defeated.  The day was followed by feeling completely pissed off!   How dare they make me feel this way?  What gives them the right to judge me?  Why would my outgoing, fun, happy personality be taken in such a negative way?  I allowed their negativity get the best of me….SHAME ON ME!

After some intense soul searching and talking it through with a very intelligent, caring friend,  I have come to realize something very important.  There are some people who loathe it when you are happy!  It irritates them when you are always smiling!  Some despise it when you are outgoing enough to make many friends.  In their lack of confidence and self esteem, they try to bring down those who are happy, confident, self-assured, and fun.  In short, they are jealous.  Am I trying to make them jealous?  Hell no!  I don’t want anyone to be jealous of me, ever. But for me to change who I truly am to satisfy them is just not gonna happen.

I’m sure to their dismay, I will continue to smile (all the time), talk to many people, help those who need help, laugh, be outgoing and inviting, continue to make new friends and carry on with my life without regard to their judgements and criticisms.

So trying to keep with – Live Grateful  Live Positive – I end my rant by saying…Stay true to yourself, be who you are, who God made you to be. Do what makes you happy and what brings happiness to others.   If others don’t like what you are doing or how you are doing it, it’s their issue not yours.  Don’t let them take away a minute of your happiness.    Continue to BE REAL AND TRUE TO YOURSELF!

True to yourself


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