Ever feel like something is just not right?  You’re not yourself and you’re not sure why?  You feel like something is missing?  Have you ever considered you’re feeling this way because your life is out of balance?  Probably not.  Not many of us give this a second thought.  Well, maybe it’s time to do so.

I’ve heard so many depictions from others describing “life in balance”.  One example being like a bike wheel with the spokes being in balance.  If one was broken, how strong would that wheel be?  If there were a few broken, that wheel probably wouldn’t survive a long distant ride.  Now, think about that description when it comes to your life.  Are all your “spokes” in balance?  Can you survive a long distant ride?  Or is your wheel a little wobbly?

In my opinion, balancing life is a feat in itself.  And sometimes you have no control over if your life is in balance or not.  But striving everyday to balance it is so important; even if it’s not 100% balanced, which it seems it never will be!

So what area (spokes) of your life needs more attention?  Think about these areas below and how much time do you really devote to them.  A good way of honestly seeing if it’s a priority in your life (or if it’s being completely ignorned) is by just looking at your calendar to see how often these areas are mentioned.

  • Family
  • Career/Finance
  • Fun/Hobbies
  • Health (Mind and Body)
  • Faith/Spirituality
  • Friends/Social

When it comes to your balance, it will look completely different from someone else.  And I can only speak from my experience of how I balance my life.  Here’s what I “try” to do everyday and someday’s I fail, but that’s ok. No one is perfect and not everyday will be perfectly balanced.

  • Family – Talk to them. Send them a loving text. Eat dinner together.
  • Career/Finance – Dedicate X amount of hours to work.  And that’s it!
  • Fun/Hobbies – Enjoy the things that make me smile (may be as little as 10 minutes but at least I smiled)
  • Health – Workout and meditate (sometimes I can only get in 5 minutes, but it’s 5 minutes that my brain turns off)
  • Faith – I read a passage from Jesus Calling or from my Bible app.  Pray and show gratitude every minute I can.
  • Friends – Reach out to a few friends a day.  Get together (nothing like personal one-on-one time with a good friend!)

Yep our busy lives get in the way and we forget about what’s important.  Hell, if you need to – set a reminder alarm on your phone.  Or at every stop light – say a quick prayer.  When you’re standing in some god awful slow line at the grocery store – send a text to a friend.  Take the stairs.  Turn off the TV and just breathe.  You get my gist!  Make YOU a priority by balancing what’s important and screw the rest!






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