Happy New Year!  Sorry I’ve been MIA but the holidays took a lot out of me and I didn’t wanna blog something half-ass.  But I’m back!!!!  (Poltergeist voice)

I was absolutely clueless what I was going to write about this week until late last night when it hit me and hit me hard!  We are going to get “real” here today.  It may be hard to read for some and I know it will be hard for me to write, but I pray this will help at least one person out there!

Being BROKEN!  This is something we all are; some just may not admit it because they are not ready to do so. Whether it is being broken from a failed relationship, loss of a loved one, unsuccessful career, poor health, physical/mental abuse, drug abuse, etc….. the list is endless.  We go about life trying not to accept or admit we are broken.  Being broken isn’t a bad thing!  It really isn’t.  What is bad about being broken, is when we don’t do anything about it.  It festers inside of us and becomes a larger issue!  Ignoring it is what makes it bad.

So how the hell do we help ourselves after being broken?  I’m not a  psychiatrist and won’t pretend to be so I’ll just share with you what has helped me and my friends/family.

First and foremost, wanting to heal after being broken is the most important. If you don’t want to heal, then you will have no drive to improve.  And nothing will work.  Dig deep, know that you deserve better, know that whatever broke you wasn’t your fault and know that you can come out of this a stronger person.

Friends!  Oh how our inner-circle of friends is so important.  Notice I said “inner-circle”.  These are your most trusted, close friends.  Don’t share your dirt outside this circle.  They are not to be trusted.   Open up to your friends, tell them what’s going on and how you are feeling.  At first just getting this off your chest helps a ton.  They will be there for you to support your healing process, or have some words of wisdom or will have the same brokenness as you which is the best scenario because now you two can heal together.

Faith is critical when it comes to healing after being broken.  Faith….a word that means something different to everyone. And it is also the hardest to understand because you can’t touch, taste, see or smell it.  But once you have it…oh boy…..can you FEEL IT!!!!!  Having faith in yourself that you CAN heal.  Having faith in God (or whatever is your higher spirit), takes the load off your shoulders and gives it to Him.  He heals.  Give your worries to Him.  You will feel a thousand pounds lighter. Thru faith in yourself and in Him, you will overcome all obstacles and heal.

Daily affirmations are a must!  Write down daily what you envision for yourself. (I’ll blog about affirmations in more detail at another time)  Affirmations are a way to communicate to your subconscious.  Make sure you do this daily and they are written in the present tense and all words you use are positive.  For example:  I AM a strong, confident woman.

Whatever you are trying to heal from, please remember you are not alone. All of us have something that has broken us.  Once you put the pieces back together you truly do become a stronger, better person…..this may take years and that’s ok, just never give up!

Never give up…..


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