How many times have you thought to yourself, “I’ll never be able to do that” or “I wish I could, but it’s too hard” or my favorite these days “I’m too old to do that now.”  During this past week, I have been reminded that no matter what you want to accomplish – it’s possible!!!!!

I first want to shout out to my daughter, Alexis, for giving me this reminder and also allowing me to use her success story.

A little background info first.  Back in October, Alexis came home from college on her Fall break.  She informed us that she FAILED 2 tests in her Microcell Biology class (don’t ask me what that is, it’s way over my head). She continued to inform us that there will only be 4 tests!  We had a “family discussion” you know the kind where everyone is screaming and crying and no one is even listening to each other.  Well, it came down to whether she should drop the class and take it at another time or continue and hope for the best.  Alexis being the driven person she is, decided to continue.   Fast forward to this week (finals week), Alexis took the final and she can proudly say she ended up with a B in the class!

Alexis’ story reminded me that some goals may feel completely impossible to accomplish but if you want it bad enough, IT IS POSSIBLE!   The way she handled her situation is a great reminder to all of us when facing a challenging goal or situation:

  1. If what you are doing, isn’t working – change it.  You really have to take a step back and evaluate what and how you are doing things.  And if it’s not giving you the success you are looking for, change how you do things.  Get over your ego and make the change.  Alexis’ study habit for MCB was not working for her, so she took it upon herself and changed her study habits in order to work for this particular class.
  2. Ask for help; look to someone who has been successful, in what you want to do, and ask for ideas, suggestions and good-old-fashion Help!   Why do we all feel that it’s better to figure things out on our own?!?!  Why ,because of our ego AGAIN!  We need to get over ourselves and just ask for help.   Alexis did just that.  She asked her Professors and the student tutor’s for their help.
  3. If you want it bad enough, you’ll do what it takes!  It’s true.  If you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.  You will work your ass off and continue to until you get it.  But no one can make you want it!  This comes from deep down inside you…..having the drive!!!!    Being driven sometimes isn’t easy, but what helps me personally is having a “why.”  “Why”do I want to achieve this goal?  Reminding myself everyday of my “why” keeps me driven.  Alexis’ “why” was to get a good grade to be competitive when it comes time for PA school, to keep her scholarship and to feel good about herself (she’s my perfectionist child).  She wanted it bad enough that she literally studied non-stop during every waking hour she had (#proudmom).
  4. And the most important……REFUSE TO FAIL!

So whatever your goal that you are trying to accomplish is, I hope Alexis’ story reminds you ….. YOU CAN DO IT, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Just “Do It”….. it is possible!


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