Inner voice

As I sit down to write my first blog EVER, I have so many ideas about what to write.  But I realize that being my first blog I really should write about…..why I’m writing.  What made me want to start in the first place?

It’s really crazy how life works sometimes, isn’t it?  About a month ago, I was at a conference that mainly focused on self-improvement.  One topic was about blogging.  I remember sitting there thinking to myself “Ha, never!  I’ll never blog!  No way!  I have nothing to say, it’s too much work, too much time and who would even read it.”

Then last week I was enjoying my book Excuses Begone! by Wayne Dyer.  This paragraph really hit me hard.  “Inside you there’s a powerful calling that’s urging you to fulfill the destiny you feel churning through your veins, yet taking the safest route is causing you to avoid that calling.”  BAM! First thing that came into my thoughts was, I’m gonna blog!  Where the hell did that come from, right?

I have always felt that we are all here for a purpose.  God made us for a reason.  (This is my belief; you may not agree with me but hear me out.)  We may go thru life and ignore or we just don’t notice the signs given to us. We may make choices that take us off the path of what that purpose may be.  But He will ALWAYS bring us back.  We just have to notice the signs, be more conscious of them and figure out just what they mean.

I have to admit, I have a very loud, sometimes annoying, persistent inner voice.  I recently (as I’m getting older) am starting to listen to it.  If you are young, please start to listen to that voice now. It will pull you in the right direction, I promise you that!!!!   That inner voice just kept on telling me to blog.  So the only thing I thought to blog about was being more positive, motivating, true to yourself type of stuff.  I’m not educated, trained or an expert in this field, but I have always loved it and enjoyed helping others try to find it.

Here are the 3 signs I’ve missed throughout the years that was calling me to my purpose:

  1. As I started this blog, it asked me to name it.  I had no clue what to call it so I continued on with the form and it asked me for my email.  My email address for 5+ years has been “GiveSmilesOften”.  What better name than Give Smiles Often for a blog page about being positive!!!!!  Hello! Clue number 1!
  2. Years ago I started a Facebook group page called Positive Treasures, people love it and it’s made me feel really good helping others look at our crazy lives in a more positive way.  Good feeling….clue 2!
  3. Right after I created this blog page, I notice my tag line on my Twitter page, that I forgot I even put there.   “I dream, I believe, I achieve! And I’m helping others do the same!”   That’s the cherry on top…#3!!!

Whether you call it your inner voice, your inner self, your gut feeling, the angel on your shoulder, the Universe, God, Tao, I urge you to listen to what it’s saying, look for the signs, be open to the possibilities that’s right in front of you, follow the path that’s already been paved for you.   It’s pulling you to YOUR PURPOSE!




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